Steampunk aircraft are among some of the coolest. Not only do they depict vehicles that fly…they mix vintage lines, craftsman materials, and elegant styling. All in the name of utility. Check out these top notch steampunk aircraft we scoured the Internet for your entertainment.

This water based shop is pretty…

Crime fiction has always been popular. No less in the land of steampunk mechanicals! Check out these six really cool steampunk mysteries that will have you HOOKED for their series.

Murder on Black Swan Lake (A Wrexford & Sloane Mystery Book 1)

The Earl of Wrexford possesses a brilliant scientific mind, but boredom and pride lead him to reckless behavior. So when…

Alchemy was that weird branch of science prevalent mostly in the Dark Ages, but later died down. You can find bits and pieces of it still floating around, but only in strange places. So why does it arise in steampunk stories?

To answer that, we must first uncover what alchemy…

YA Steampunk

Steampunk, Gaslamp Fantasy & Alternative History Adventures

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